There are very few types of art that beginners can easily pick up and create a high-quality piece of art. If you want to create a high quality piece of art that is fun, easy and overall rewarding; a zentangle is the project you should pick up. 



Basic zentangle


What exactly is a zentangle? Simply shown in the picture above it is several intricate patterns of lines to create an  abstract drawing, but at the same time it is so much more than that. What is so special about zentangles is the several different outcomes you can get from its abstract form. A zentangle can be a simple circle filled with patterns, or patterns of a zentangle can create an overall picture, a zentangle can have patterns that revolve around a theme, etc. Zentangles can be surprisingly deep for repetitive patterns of lines.



A zentangle that forms a picture

I love zentangles, its one of the first art projects I’ve ever done as a child that I was proud of. I think the overall appeal of a zentangle is how easy they are to pick up and how engaging they are, once you start its hard to stop until you’re finished. My first zentangle I ever did was in the third grade and it was a bit of a turning point on how I saw art. i think no matter who you are, accomplished artist or casual doodler. a zentangle is just an art project that will grab you. 


My attempt at a zentangle. 


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